Enter the amount you whish to convert and click “convert.” Click on the different icons to switch between volume, weight, temperature, or distance units.

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  • I love this app, very easy to use! I do a lot of cooking using recipes from all over the world. - Kleerob iTunes Review

  • Is fantastic, not only for cooking and Weight Watchers, but for all my unit conversion needs. - RodilloRoca iTunes Review

  • Must have if you want to convert all of those delish Pinterest recipes! - LadyGrey17 iTunes Review

  • It's soooo helpful as a culinary student. I'm in love. - Breanna12323 iTunes Review

  • Perfect for Converting European Recipes. I am a cookbook author and editor. - CrockFan iTunes Review

  • Excellent. This thing is almost like having the Book of Yields in your pocket. - rjmckayiv iTunes Review

  • I am a serious amateour baker and this app is unique in what it does. - John10e iTunes Review

  • This little app was just what I needed when making a big holiday dinner last night. - bschendel iTunes Review

  • I am using European and American cookbooks. Wish I wouldn't have waited so long to download. - SchmetterlingToo iTunes Review

  • I can convert grams to teaspoons for baking soda, for example, and then do the same for sesame seeds. - MikoMcB iTunes Review

  • This saves me so much time. - Kleerob iTunes Review

  • I can't say how happy I am to find a measurement conversion tool that does volume to weight conversions. - md5i iTunes Review

  • After buying several apps, I finally found this one. - Isaac1315 iTunes Review

  • Brilliant. For a cook trained in the metric system, this tool is a dream come true. - BeeDiana iTunes Review

  • The most user-friendly one available! Phenomenal! - LB 1234 iTunes Review

  • Yippee, perfection! FINALLY! A developer who gets it. - Cindi BC iTunes Review

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